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Hunt Town - The Web3 Builder Community

Hunt Town - The Web3 Builder Community
Hunt Town - Web3 Builder Community

As we are now officially in the bear market and even the liquidity on the market is drying up, it is now time for the real buidlers (builders) to concentrate on what the scene is best in. Building projects for web3 natives.

There are a lot of places and offline meetings to increase your social network and network to get a better view into the scene. But even after each meeting, it is not easy to keep the contact with relevant people or get just help for an abstract issue. The Web3 community is in that way quite constructive, as they are building their communities on their own and the Hunt team decided to start an own NFT guarded Web3 builder community based on invites only.

Hunt.town a Web3 Builders guild

The problem

One of the biggest issues that Web3 builder have is to find the right talents that can boost the speed and progress of their project. On the other side there are a lot of information needed to run a Web3 project, not to speak about the speed needed to adapt to the scene. A few thinks a Web3 project has normally to cover.

  • Founder
  • Developers (Frontend, Backend, Architect, Blockchain, etc.)
  • Designer, Illustrator
  • Project manager, Product manager
  • Marketing manager, Content manager
  • Community Manager, and so on.

Also involved in Web3 are,

  • Investors
  • Researcher
  • Influencer
  • Artists and Musician, and so on.

A few parts can be outsourced, but at the core the project needs to cover as much of the needed aspects to be successful on the road of creating the next Web3 unicorn. The biggest question is where to find all these people and how to connect with them.

The solution

Virtual Co-working space

Co-working space for startups have been in trend, because projects could not only work but also network directly with a lot of different founders and projects in a limited space. This was helpful when you needed help in a segment you were not that good and could ask within the co-working space community for feedback. Unfortunately, Web3 projects have often specific issues to solve, as their clients and users are also different from Web2 based projects.

So what we need would be something like a Web3 based co-working space where everybody is related to building Web3 projects and open to communicate with each other.

Hunt Town Discord - The virtual Co-working Space

This is were the Hunt Team decided to create a virtual co-working space based on invitation only members and a NFT gated entry. This project is also expanding the use case of the token $HUNT, which is currently listed on different Centralized Exchanges.

NFT-gated Web3 Builder Community

The discord server is only available based on invitation, which can be requested here.

👉 Apply to be an Early Builder

Web3 Builder directory

After you get into the community, the Town Bot will welcome you and ask to create a builder profile. This profile is going to be available on the discord server and will also be linked in the builder directory online.

When the profile has been created, the Town Bot will ask you to verify your Building NFT, which is the NFT that is gating the Discord server channel. The solution that the Town Bot is using has been build by the Hunt team itself.

Verify-building Channel for gated NFT community

The requested Building NFT can be bought directly on the Hunt.town site

Hunt.town building NFT

Short facts about the Hunt Building NFT.

  1. You need only one NFT to bypass the gate on Discord
  2. 1 Hunt Building NFT will cost 1,000 HUNT to mint and will lockup your HUNTs for 1 year. When you burn your NFT after 1 year you will get your HUNT back.
  3. You can earn BUILD points on the discord server to use it for different activities within the community.
    Example : Tipping, purchasing event tickets, rewarding marketing activities, running bounty tasks, asking and rewarding technical questions, raffle tickets.
  4. BUILD points are reset every 1st day of every month so that old and new members have no discrepancy.

You can get more BUILD points when you own more building NFT's.

BUILD points are not withdraw-able but the internal weekly raffle will reward 1 winner with a building NFT containing 1,000 HUNT tokens with 1 year lock-up.

So whats the point?

A community is always as strong as the members within the community and based on how strong the connection is. First of all this community is based on the HUNT team, which had been active since 2017 in the Web3 community making countless projects and setting up the HUNT economy based on the $HUNT token with a fully diluted marketcap of $50 million. They have started with Steemhunt, a Web3 based product hunt concept, created Nomad Task, Neverlose Money, A no-code Token creator platform Mint Club, A no-code NFT creator Platform Dixel Club and so on.

There are also already onboarding founders as of designers, Web3 community creators, developers and marketers. The main waiting list for the invitation is currently internationally spread and the current milestone is having 100 Early builders handpicked invited until February 2023.

An interesting part is the 💡 Idea-lab channel, where anybody can post a Web 3 Idea to discuss, find project partners, funding or feedback.

As an example one of the projects that are listed in 💡 Idea-lab is Audit Hunt, which comes directly from the Hunt team. It is in general a decentralized smartcontract audit platform which had been already tested successfully as MVP and where the HUNT team would like to see it deployed in real life but does not have the resources at the moment to do it themselves. In this case they are looking for teams who would take over this idea and build it from scratch. The Hunt team would step in as investors in that case. An interesting case where even the idea comes directly from the potential investor.

What you can expect from this community

  • When invited, access to a small but fine builder community with potential founding partners, co-workers, competitors and partnerships
  • NFT-gated community - Active members only based on a minimum of investment (1,000 HUNT tokens locked for 1 year)
  • BUILD point based community activities with raffles in form of NFT's
  • Communicate, discuss, find friends and increase your Web3 network with mind liked members
  • Find or get information for investors, project mates, ideas, support and consulting


There are already different communities around where you can get support even in the Web3 scene. Twitter is a good place to find the fastest and newest information about the crypto scene. Web3 based discord servers have each for themselves a very specific purpose and goal where you can also find a lot of information. There are also Telegram groups or chatting groups for Web3 Moderators or NFT creators. But until now it was not easy to find a well gated Web3 builder community based on Discord, where the functions have been customized to suit mainly the community being better in building world changing products.


I am in personal contact with the founders of Hunt.town and invested with HUNT tokens in 5 HUNT Building NFTs to join the community in Hunt Town Pre-Alpha status.